If you have a change of heart? No worries.
Enrollment comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

What is Momentum?

I have created the community  that I wish I had a year ago, and I will share every mistake I have made to hopefully shave years off of your own business and creative struggles.

On the surface Momentum is about testing new ideas, sharing resources, getting feedback, and encouraging others.
But really it is about systematizing innovation and joy in our work. It is about busting out of ruts by experimenting with small ideas, through the added benefit of community and accountability.

As a Momentum member you will . . .

  • Be able to block out all the internet noise and focus on the good stuff with highly curated tips and tools that have been road-tested to work

  • Find fun, ease and consistency in trying new ideas. Momentum provides a safe, low-risk space to experiment and pivot whenever you need to. 

  • Leverage what is working to amplify your best results, and continue building a strong foundation.

  • Improve and build on your skillset with new courses, contacts, and step-by-step support.

  • Make decisions with confidence in yourself and your ideas. Mitigate risk by getting feedback from other like-minded people before you launch. 

  • Save time, money, and effort—instead of buying online courses and products that sit doormant in neglected folders on your desktop, get access to resources and best practices for the cost of just two business books per month. 


Ultimately, Momentum is your oasis in the Too Much Information Age.

At home in Momentum, you can experiment with new ideas, get inspiration and feedback when you are stuck, and find all the latest tools, tips and tricks to keep you going.

You can collaborate with a community of like-minded individuals, as much or as little as you want.

I will guide us all through the same overarching “playground” format each quarter, but you will have your own customizable sandbox to build castles in each month (and we have an app for that!).


Here is what this community will NOT be:

  • Rah-rah fluff advice that does not actually move you forward

  • Zillion-dollar monthly fees

  • Boring group calls where you tune out after ten minutes

  • Those slightly “off the reservation” forum posts that hijack the conversation for self-promotion (we will be monitoring for that)

  • Cluttered communication through Facebook or other time-suck sites

  • A lofty group leader who is totally unavailable to you

I am committed to bringing you a NO B.S., insanely useful, tactical, practical community that will accelerate your life and business in every way.

I want “coming home” to Momentum sessions, discussions, and emails to feel like a breath of fresh air — shortcuts you didn’t even know you needed, connections that open doors, advice that moves you out of the “stuck” places faster than you could on your own. 

Consider me your humble servant — your wish is my command, to the best of my ability! 

Who is it a Fit For?

Momentum is a private community for smart, generous, creative people who want to bring intelligence, delight and curiosity to their personal projects. It is for people who are not satisfied with the status quo; for people who want to feel alive, empowered, and engaged.

Momentum will be best for those of you who:

  • Have a business, side-hustle, or side project you are excited about growing

  • Are interested in meaningful connection and helping others succeed; excited about giving and receiving feedback.

  • Are willing to share tips, tricks, hacks, and strategies you’ve used; willing to be open about successes and failures. 

  • Are a positive person, with a generosity of spirit (time, energy, transparency)

  • Will honor confidentiality.

  • Would be open to making connections to people in your network (only when it makes sense and you feel genuinely jazzed to do it)

I attribute so much of my early success in the blogosphere to building a like-minded network of peers. Without even knowing it, we “grew up together” by helping each other bootstrap each of our blogs to many launching full-time businesses as a result (including lucrative consulting gigs, book deals, and Director-level positions at up-and-coming start-ups).

Our blogger crew was never as formalized as this, but it still worked wonders: instead of fumbling our way through the dark (which, let’s admit, we did anyway), we were able to talk each other through big launches, genuinely share the love on social media, make connections to others, and provide moral support when the chips were down.

That is why I created Momentum—because I know that 1+1=100, and I look forward to building something awesome with—not just for—you. 

What People Say About Jenny

“I have known Jenny for many years, since back in her Google days when she was rocking the corporate coaching arena and writing her blog as a side hustle. Watching the amazing growth in her business makes me so happy, but I am not surprised. Jenny blends the very best of absolute integrity, unbridled joy, intelligence and heart in everything she does.”

—Pamela Slim

Business Coach and Author, Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work

"I have worked with many coaches over the past 7 years and Jenny is hands down the best I have ever come across. In just a few months I have picked up plenty of clients (sometimes more than I can handle) and created the career I’ve always wanted. 

Financially it was a great move. I have made great connections and have a practical plan to grow even more over the next 6 months."

—Melani D.

"Your first mastermind call is already better than a recent class I took for $3,000! I am kicking myself!!"

—Josephine B.

Here's Exactly What You'll Find Inside

Here's what you get when you join Momentum: 

  • Each quarter in Momentum we will choose a Focus Area, a personal project of any size that feels thrilling  to work on, and our app will help you customize and track your individual goals throughout the quarter. These can be as simple as learning to cook, or as ambitious as launching a business or publishing a book.

  • A monthly Brilliance Barter — an exchange built on the “take a penny, leave a penny” philosophy, where you can give and receive suggestions, connections and feedback.

  • Knowing that my private coaching fees are out of reach for many people, and that I am taking on only a handful of new clients this year, I have created a place on the site called Q&A with Jenny and Private One-on-One Office Hours calls. You can ask me anything—specific business questions, writing, career change, my own experiences, the latest tools I am using—and I will answer via short audio clips or live if you schedule a call! No more wading through hour-long group Q&A calls—you ask your question, I answer personally.

  • You will have access to every course I have ever created (a value of $450) in the Course Library.

  • You can view any of my 40+ templates, including private ones that I only use with coaching clients, in the Template Library

  • We can all  exchange our favorite tools, books and resources in the Resource Library

  • There is a Discussion Area for ongoing collaboration on any specific, timely issues that come up.

  • You can form Private Mastermind Groups within Momentum with friends. 

  • We also have a mobile app that allows you to access our platform on-the-go, ensuring this doesn’t become yet another stale subscription that you never use.

  • Bottom line: I am stuffing this to the gills with everything I can think of, and everything I can give.

    This is the only thing I will create and launch this year, and I am pouring my heart and soul into it. I hope you will do the same, and that we can build something phenomenal together!


    Your Investment

    My private coaching retainer is currently $1,500/month for three 45-minute calls. Momentum is just $97 a quarter. 

    Membership to Momentum is paid on a quarterly basis—that’s a little over $1 a day, and you will be grandfathered in at this price for life. The cost will never be this low again. 

    You can sign up here and within 24 hours, Marisol, Momentum’s Community Manager, will get you on board and ready to rock!


    Special Bonuses for New Members

    As another thank you for being an awesome new member of Momentum, you will receive:

    —Our 130+ Item Momentum Launch Checklist, detailing every single step that transformed Momentum from an idea to a reality. Get an inside look at exactly how we built Momentum over the last six months, with checklist sections for platform selection and set-up, content creation, sales materials, launch week breakdown, ongoing communications, and more.  

    —Detailed overview of the 21+ tools that we used to execute the launch and build this community. You will get a complete breakdown of the tools we used and how in the following categories: Workflow, Momentum Safari Course, Countdown & Sales Page, Logo & Design, Payment, Registration, Referrals, and Community Platform. 

    —A private live webinar with Dan Blank on How to Take Back Your Creative Time. Dan will be sharing 3 simple actions for making creativity a priority, how to tackle big challenges using simple habits, and how to take back hours of time. 


    Supporting Other Entrepreneurs Starts with Your Enrollment

    I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, particularly those with little access to the vast resources we have in first-world countries, and I know that even a little bit can go a very long way.

    Every month we will donate $1 per Momentum member to a shared Kiva.org fund for entrepreneurs in developing nations. Each time an entrepreneur pays back his or her loan, that money can be re-invested, so our bank of available funds will snowball over time.

    For every 100 Momentum members, that’s $1,200/year that we can use to fund small-business loans. We will provide updates on how our entrepreneurs are doing in our weekly check-in emails.


    Momentum is More Fun with Friends! How to Get Your First Quarter for Free (and $40 credits any time)

    For each friend you refer to Momentum, you will receive a $40 referral bonus, and your friend will receive a discount code to enroll. That means that if you refer three friends, you will get a quarter for free!

    With your friends in Momentum, you will be able to easily share resources and create private groups for more focused discussion and brainstorming.


    So . . . are you ready for your next adventure?

    Join the Momentum Community Here 

Still Not Sure?

No worries! Momentum comes with a

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in Momentum and its power to inspire and empower you in every area of your work.
But everyone is allowed a change of heart, and I only want to work with people who are thrilled to be working with me!

If within the first month you look around and complete our short list of “getting started” orientation steps but decide Momentum is not what you need, we will give you a full refund—no questions asked. You can keep access to the bonuses and any of the courses you sign-up for in that time ($450 value).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign-up right now? Is there a specific start-date?

After this launch, we will raise the price (and am likely to continue to raise it over time as the value of the community grows), so I would jump in early if you want to lock in the lowest possible membership prices.


I’m busy. Do I have to participate in a lot of group calls or forums?

Nope! Some of you will be focused mainly on the resource libraries, Q&A with Jenny, and monthly content calls, and others of you may be very interested in the discussion forums and even creating your own mastermind group within Momentum. Once you join, we will ask for your feedback about your desired outcomes and interest areas, and get you set-up with what will work best for you.


How will the payment process work?

You will be set-up for automatic quarterly billing through PayPal (which will allow you to pay with a credit card too).



What if life events come up and I want to cancel?

You can cancel your account at any time, no questions asked. You can finish out that quarter (we do not offer partial refunds), and will not be billed at the next quarter’s billing cycle.



What does it mean to be grandfathered in at these prices?

We will raise the rates for this program as time goes on, but as a thank you for helping us generate early momentum and feedback, we will honor the original monthly enrollment cost for you for as long as you are in the program.



Does Momentum have a topic? Is it only for business or entrepreneurship?

Momentum is meant for solopreneurs, side-hustlers, and the entrepreneurs in us all. While we are not limited to talking only about business, career or creative projects, those will have the most emphasis. These are topics I am very passionate about, but the focus area you choose each quarter can be unique to what you want to pursue. Momentum is meant to be as far-reaching, multi-faceted, flexible and dynamic as you are.


Hmmm . . . I’m on the fence. What do I do if I’m not sure?  

Send us an email! If you are not sure or still have some questions, send them to Marisol, Momentum’s community manager, at marisol@jennyblake.me. She will give you honest feedback on whether we think Momentum would be beneficial for you — if not, we are always happy to point you toward any other helpful resources that might be a better fit!



What happens after I sign-up?

  • You will get payment confirmation through PayPal

  • You will receive instructions on how to invite friends if you would like to

  • Within 24 hours, Marisol will add you to our private community site

  • You will receive a list of “getting started” tasks in your account, including setting your focus area for the quarter

  • Over the next two weeks, you will also receive a series of orientation emails to get you acquainted with how things work


READY TO JOIN? Let's Do This!



I look forward to many shared adventures ahead!

Much Love,